Business Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

A Business Quotation Template is a document which is filled in by a business professional in order to offer services to a client. In this document, the person gives information about his business, the kinds of products or services he can provide and price quote for the same.

Sample Business Quotation Template

Name of Business ____________________________________ (Name of the company who us sending the price quote)
Nature of Business ____________________________________ (Type of business that is being run)
Name of the client ____________________________________ (Name of the person to whom the quote is being sent)
Name of the Client’s Company____________________________________________
Products or Services offered ______________________________________________________ (Products or Services that the business offers)
Quantity _________ by date ____/____/____ (Quantity of Products that the business can provide within a specified period of time)
Price Quote _______________ (The price should be competitive so that the client feels convinced to accept the proposal)
(Sign of the person filling the template)

Download Business Quotation Template in Word Format

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