Hotel Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

A Hotel Quotation Template is prepared by an individual or a company in order to ask price quotations from hotels, as per the details of their stay. By receiving price quotations from different hotels, the individual or company can choose the one which provides the best kinds of services in least price possible.

Sample Hotel Quotation Template

Number of Guests ____ (Number of individuals who will be staying in the hotel)
Name and Age of the Guests
1.    _______________________________
Number of Days ¬______ (Number of days for which the guests would be staying in the hotel)
Number of Rooms ______ (Number of Rooms that the guests will require)
Dates of Stay:
From _____/_____/_____ to _____/_____/_____
Details of Rooms
(Mention how many single and double rooms you will need, what facilities you would expect in the rooms and what services you will be availing)
Price per Room _______________________________
Total Cost of Rooms _______________________________
Total Amount Payable_______________________________
[Here the price of the room for a day and total cost is to be mentioned]

Download Hotel Quotation Template in Word Format

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