Service Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

Service Quotation Template is a document used for giving someone a service offer, usually given as a reply to request for service quotation. Quotes are always given to a company or an individual, and are usually limited to a particular period of time.

Sample Service Quotation Template

Company Name__________________________________________ (Name of the Company)
Date_____/_____/_____ (On which the quotation has been sent)
Expiration Date_____/_____/_____ (On which the quotation expires)
(You need to mention the expiry date, even if you will continue providing the service after expiry of the contract. In this way, you will have an opportunity to increase the price quotes after the expiry of the quotation).
Description of the service being hired _______________________________________________
Number of labor provided___________________ (Mention the number of laborers so that the quotation can be calculated accordingly)
Supervision provided___________________ (Whether supervision is needed or not and if yes, how many supervisors will be present at the site)
Payment Terms:
(Here, mention the payment terms, such as how the payments will be made, how often and how much)
(Sign here if you agree to accept this quotation)

Download Service Quotation Template in Word Format

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