IT Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

IT quotation template can be prepared by any individual or corporate to describe their requirement of an IT work project. The template provides details of the person filling the quotation and the details of IT work.

Sample IT Quotation Template

I/we (Name of client) _______________would like to hire your company’s IT services for our project. Contact details are mentioned below:
Mailing Address______________
Phone_______________ Email____________ Fax__________ (Here the contact details of client will appear.)
Please quote your prices for below described project:
Type of IT project___________
Purpose of work_____________
Brief description regarding devices, software and technical support requirements_________________
Type of IT professionals and team we need__________________
(In this section, the client will describe his necessities regarding work.)
Duration for work: From ___/___/___ to ____/____/___ (Here the period for IT work required by client will appear.)
Your price quotations _____________
Charges for It professionals_____________
Quote for technical support____________
Overall price quote for IT work_____________
(Here the service provider will mention the quotations for work.)

Download IT Quotation Template in Word Format

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