Tender Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

A tender quotation template is the ready to use document which defines the format in which a tender quotation is framed. Tender quotation template is usually prepared by companies or organization to hire other agencies/firms for some kind of work. Template provides description of tender and related work.

Sample Tender Quotation Template

We (Title of company) _____________________ would like to hire your company’s services for this tender and associated project. Our contact details are given below:
Complete mailing address_____________________
Phone Number_______________
Email______________ Fax_____________
(Here the contact details of the company/organization will appear.)
Please quote your tender prices for the project described below:
Type of project and tender__________________
Brief description of tender__________________
Our requirements for work___________________________
[Here the details of the tender will appear]
The duration when the work should get start and to be finished: From___/___/____ to ___/___/____ (here the dates of tender process and project will appear.)
(Above section, provide detail description of client’s requirements and demands about tender and its project.)
Your quote price for tender_____________________

Download Tender Quotation Template in Word Format

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