Sales Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

Sales quotation template is usually prepared by commercial companies or firms in order to seek sales price quotations of other trading firms. The template describes the necessities of Client Company regarding products/goods and provides fields to the service providers to mention their quotes.

Sample Sales Quotation Template

I/we (Name/title of client) _________________ would like to hire your services for receiving goods/products from your company. Contact details are mention below:
Mailing Address_________________
Email_______________ Fax___________
(Here the contact details of client will appear.)
Please quote your prices for below goods/services:
Type of goods/services________________
Brief description of product/services___________________________
Size, design/pattern, model, color that we require for product/goods________________
Total number of units of items/goods/product we need_______________________ (In this section the client will provide the details of job.)
Duration for supply: from __/___/___ to __/___/___ (Here the period of sales service will appear.)
Your quotations:
Price quote for goods/items________________
Price/charges for transportation______________
(Here the service provider will mention their quotation for the job.)

Download Sales Quotation Template in Word Format

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