Hotel Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A Hotel receipt template is a ready to use document that lays down the format in which a hotel receipt is designed. These types of templates are used by hotels and are issued when they receive payment from the customers for their services.

Sample Hotel Receipt Template

Hotel Name____________
Address__________ Phone________ Email__________
(This section provide name and contact details of hotel.)
Receipt serial number____________
Receipt date___/___/__
(General information of receipt.)
Customer name___________ Sex______ Age______
Address_______ Phone_______ Email______
(Here the name and contact details of customer will appear.)
Total number of guests_________ Adults_______ Children______
(Here the guests’ details will be shown.)
Room type: ______________ Number of rooms__________
AC/Non AC_________ Bed type___________
(This section provides specification of rooms).
Food and drinks________________
(This section provides information about food and beverage expense of customer.)
Details and price of other facilities used by customer: ____________________
(This section shows the details of additional facilities availed.)
Total bill_____________
A sum of__________ received.
Payment mode: cash/card__________ Card number_________
(This section shows the details of bill amount and its payment mode.)

Download Hotel Receipt Template in Word Format

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