Lodging Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

Lodging receipt template is used by lodge owners to provide bill details of customer’s stay in their lodge. The template is a draft document for this purpose, which contains different section for bill specifications.

Sample Lodge Receipt Template

Name of the Lodge____________
Address__________ Phone_________ Email___________
(This section provide name and contact details of lodge.)
Receipt Serial number_____________
Receipt date___/___/___
(General information about receipt)
Customer name__________ Sex______ age______
Address__________ Phone__________ Email__________
(Here the customer will fill his name and contact details.)
Stay duration: from___/___/___ to ___/___/___ (Details of stay in lodge.)
Room type_________ AC/Non AC_______ Bed type__________
(Specification of room/s.)
Food and drinks____________
Laundry __________ Other facilities__________
(This section provides details of other facilities used by customer.)
Charges for various facilities and stay__________
(Here the details of lodge charges will appear.)
Grand total___________
Sum of __________ received.
Payment mode: Cash/Card__________ Card number___________
(This section provides details of payment made by the customer and its mode.)
Counter clerk Signature__________ Date__/___/___

Download Lodging Receipt Template in Word Format

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