Driver Salary Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A driver salary receipt template is a document which is drafted when an individual working as a driver gets his salary from the owner of the car and along with that also gets a receipt which is a proof that he has got his salary. It is from this receipt that the exact salary of the driver is known.

Sample Driver salary receipt template

Dated: _________ [date on which the salary has been paid]         Salary receipt no.: ____
This salary receipt for the salary paid for the month of: ___________ [mention the month for which the driver salary is made]
Salary paid by: _________ [name of the owner of the car]
Residing at: __________ Street address __________ Name of city ______________ Name of state _________________ Postal code [address of the owner of the car]
Basic monthly salary: ___________
Conveyance allowance: __________
Food allowance: _________
Mobile phone allowance: ___________
Overtime charges: ________
[Here the details of the salary with additional income is mentioned]
Total net salary: ____________ [total amount paid to the driver]
Received by: _____________ [name of the driver

Download Driver Salary Receipt Template in Word Format

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