Manager Resume Template

July 2, 2011

A manager resume template is widely used by the managerial level candidatures for applying the desired job. Such a resume template consists of contact details of the candidate, professional experience, management skills and education details.

Sample Manager Resume Template:

Name of the applicant: _____________
Current Address: ____________________                        Permanent Address: __________________
Phone Number: ____________________                          E-mail Id: ___________________________
Career objectives: With professional management skills, leadership abilities and master in driving a management team by emphasizing on the organization’s policies and practical strategies.
Summary of Education qualifications:
Name of the Instruction                 Specification                 Percentage
_________________                    _____________               __________%   [give the details of the management diplomas/ degrees including the percentage obtained in order to represent your abilities]
Professional skills & experiences:
Name of the origination:                           Tenure                               Job Responsibilities:
_________________                             ______________                     _______________
_________________                            _______________                  ________________ [give the full details of the previous experience, details of the organizations, including tenure of service]
_________________ [talk about the achievements during candidature and professional journey]
________________ [mention the hobbies as per the designation]
References can be availed only on request.

Download Manager Resume Template in Word Format

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