Accountant Resume Template

July 2, 2011

An accountant resume template is based on the accounting skills, experience and candidature details. Such a resume is used for applying to an accounting job.

Sample Accountant Resume Template:

Name: _____________________
Current Address: ___________
Permanent Address: _________
Contact number: ____________
E-mail id: __________________
Carer objective:
I am willing to work as ________________ [name of the designation] in your organization and seeking growth for my candidature by utilizing my beneficial accounting & calculative skills.
Professional experience:
Name of the previous organization        Duration                Designation
_____________________________        ______________       __________
_____________________________       _______________     ___________ [talk about the professional skills and abilities do you have in briefly by providing the above information]
Professional duties & responsibilities:
______________________________ [provide the professional duties & responsibilities in order to describe your knowledge and practical experience]
Computing skills:
I have sound knowledge of ____________ & _____________ software in order to generate the accounts of organization.
_______________________ [mention the achievements during academics and candidature in last tenure]
_______________________ [mention the hobbies as per the designation and department]
I can provide the references only on request.

Download Accountant Resume Template in Word Format

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