Receptionist Resume Template

July 2, 2011

The receptionist resume template is compiled to assist those candidates who are seeking, responsible front desk jobs with various organizations. It includes personal data, qualifications, education, technical and lingual skills as well as references. It is an effective way of building an impressive and impactful receptionist resume.

Sample Receptionist Resume Template.

Personal Details
Date of Birth:
Permanent Address: _____________________________________________________
Current Address:
Phone: __________________       Mobile: _____________________
Career Objective:
Seeking a placement with an organization which rewards, hard work, loyalty and dedication. I wish to showcase my interpersonal skills, time management, office etiquettes, computer proficiency and multitasking skills for the growth of an organization.
Educational Details
Institute/Course          Degree/Diploma  Year          Percentage
____________________       _______________       _________ __________
Professional Skills:
Computer Literacy:
Languages Known:
Work Experience: (Begin with the present Job)
Organization                                                       From-To (dates)
_______________________                                  ________________
Hobbies and Interests
References available on demand.

Download Receptionist Resume Template in Word Format

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