Employee satisfaction survey template

July 2, 2011

An employee satisfaction survey template is a readymade document which is used to find out the satisfaction level of an employee.

Sample Employee satisfaction survey template:

Name :_______________( Mention the name of an employee)
Age: ________________ (Mention the age of employee)
Gender: ______________ (Mention employee’s gender)
Contact information: ___________________ (Mention contact info of an employee)
Email id: ___________________ (Mention the employee email id)
1. The first question should be related to the overall satisfaction of an employee with the organization.
a) __________ (give assessment options such as Good, Better, Outstanding)
2. This question should be related to the benefits that an employee receives from his company
3. This question is to know whether an employee is happy working, especially when it comes to its job security.
a) _________________ (provide options like satisfactory, unsatisfactory)
4. This question should ask about the working freedom at the company.
a) ____________ (provide options i.e. Yes/No)
b) ____________
5. This question should be related to the appraisal
a) ______________ (Provide options with Yes/No)
6. This question should be related to the satisfaction with the salary package?
a) ___________ (options are Yes/No)
7. In last question the employee should be asked about the changes that he wish to have so as to enhance his satisfaction level.

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