Graphic Designer Website Template

July 5, 2011

A Graphic designer website template is a document that shows the design of the graphic designer website. The website should look attractive with previous works and images and should list all the services available and contact details.

Sample Graphic Designer website template:

Name of the website: _________________
About Us
_________________________________________________________ [Description of the company in 2-3 lines]
_________________________________________________________ [Talk about the people and their experience]
__________________ __________________ __________________
__________________ __________________ __________________
[Show some of the previous works of logo design, brochure design, identity makers, publications, cards, advertisements, etc]
_______________________________________________________ [Short Introduction of the services]
1.    Logo Design Services
2.    Corporate Identity Services
3.    Brochure Design Services
4.    Advertisement design Services
5.    Flyers
6.    Web Design Services
7.    Labels and Packaging Design Services
8.    Calling Cards Designing Services
9.    Publication front page and body design Services, etc
Contact Us
____________________ [Name of the company]
____________________ [E-mail id of the company]
____________________ [Address of the company]
Phone1: _______________ Phone2: ______________
Mobile: _______________ Fax: ________

Download Graphic Designer Website Template in Word Format

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