Government Website Template

July 4, 2011

A government website template is a layout designed for the creation of a government website. A government website can be of many kinds like application for voter ID cards, pan cards; passports etc. in all cases, the websites must be informative and easily navigable. A government website must also be accurate and up to date.

Sample Government Website:

Name: ______________________________ [Name of government website]
Initiative under the Ministry of: __________________________________ [Mention the appropriate government ministry under which the service is offered]
Nature of website: _______________________________ [Mention the kind of website, which branch of government services is being dealt with]
Select a category for application forms: ________________________ [Provide a list of commonly sought application forms, which are a part of government initiatives.]
Mode of application: ________________________________________ [Enumerate clearly, the mode of application for that particular service. Easy systematic instructions will be helpful]
Further details: _______________________________________ [Provide any more information which will assist in the application for government sponsored services]
Contact for more information: ______________________________________ [Mention a relevant contact number]

Download Government Website Template in Word Format

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