Hostel Website Template

July 5, 2011

A Hostel website template is designed to provide a ready to use format of hostel website. The template should contain the details regarding hostel and its facilities.

Sample Hostel Website Template

Title of the Hostel Website_____________ Introduction___________
List of facilities mentioned below. Search for the required facility by clicking on the button. (This section provides information about the infrastructure and facilities offered by the hostel.)
1.    Hostel Building.
1.    Library.
1.    Dormitory, rooms and allied infrastructure.
1.    Internet and other Communication facilities.
1.    Security.
Click on below link to get more specific information about your queries:-
Link to Mails and Query Form____
Click on below link to get information about fees and other charges taken by hostel:–
Link to Fees and Charges____________
Click on below link to find the exact hostel location: —–
Hostel Map and Location___________
Click on below link to make online booking of seats: —
Link to Online Booking Forms_______________
For any other query please call _____________ [phone number]

Download Hostel Website Template in Word Format

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