Kids Website Template

July 5, 2011

A Kids website template is aimed to provide a basic structure of children based website. The template contains information regarding childcare, education, health etc.

Sample Kids Website Template

Title of Kids Website_______________ Catch Line___________
Introduction of Website___________ Insert Image____________
Click on below links to get information of your interests :—( this section contains links of various pages and sections of website).
1.    Kids Health and Fitness.
1.    Kids shopping.
1.    Education for various age groups and games.
1.    Toys, fun games, puzzle.
1.    Kids Parties and planning.
1.    Kids gifts and accessories.
Click on below links to play online games: —
Link to games and puzzles_______________
Click below to read more on pre school education/preparations: –
Click below to make a user account and get register on the site: —-
Click to buy kids products and Shop online
Click here for feedbacks, queries, comments: —
Click here for subscribing the newsletter: —
Follow us on____________
Help and FAQs___________

Download Kids Website Templatein Word Format

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