News Website Template

July 5, 2011

News website template is a sample document that shows the layout of a news website. The website should be updated very often especially the latest news. The website needs to have columns on political news, business news, sports, and sections on opinions by experts.

Sample News website template:

Name of the news channel:  _________________________
Catch line:                  _________________________
LATEST NEWS: _______________________________________ [Keep revising it most often]
Today’s News [Put image or video also]
1.    _____________________________________
News Categories
Political News
National Politics: _____________________________________________
International Politics:   _____________________________________________
Business News
Today’s positive stocks:                _______________________________________
Today’s negative stocks:              _______________________________________
Opinion:                             _______________________________________
Economy:                          _______________________________________
Sports News [Upload articles related to sports]
Baseball:    Upcoming: _________________ Read: _____________________
Tennis:      Upcoming: _________________ Read: _____________________
Cricket:     Upcoming: _________________ Read: _____________________
Watch Live
Shows [TV Shows]
Timing: ________ Name: __________________
Timing: ________ Name: __________________
Timing: ________ Name: __________________
Editorials [Opinion by experts in the related field]
News: ______________________ Analysis by: __________________
News: ______________________ Analysis by: __________________

Download News Website Template in Word Format

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