Advertising Copywriter CV

July 7, 2011

Advertising copywriters help a company promote their products or services with the use of media such as magazines, newspapers, magazines, and the internet. They develop editorial copy of advertisements that have accompanying graphics or logos. Aside from the images, the written work could better promote through the intended message that is printed with it.

Sample Advertising Copywriter CV Template

Olivia Farr
123 Abbeydale Road south,
Sheffield, S7 2QW
Telephone Number:  12 345 6789
Mobile Number: 07123456789
Email: [email protected]

Career Objective

I am looking for an opportunity to work for and advertising company as a copywriter to use my creativity and my strong grasp on the English language for the company’s benefit.
Educational Background
BA Journalism Studies
The University of Sheffield, 2007

Work Experience

2009-Present: Copywriter, Effective Ads Inc.


•    Perform group study with clients regarding the theme, script and possible lines of actions
•    Gather related information for an advertisement project
•    Finalize advertisement ideas and preparing rough plots
•    Editing captions, lines and text for advertisement material
2007-2009: Copy Assistant, Good advertising Co.


•    Discussed media needs and theme of the client for the advertisement
•    Researched on the contents of ad advertisements
•    Proofread and edited advertisement scripts
•    Validated information included in advertisements


•    Excellent grammar and writing skills
•    Creative and expressive through different media


•    Wrote five scripts for different commercials of a prestigious company
•    Graduated cum laude at the University of Sheffield

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