Business Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

This Business Agreement is made between_______________________ (name of the first party) and ____________________ (name of the second party). The tenure of this agreement is from _________ (dd/mm/yy) to _________________ ( dd/mm/yy). None of the party can withdraw the business services before the completion of the tenure.

Personal Details of first party:



Contact no:

Personal details of second party:



Contact no:

Therefore the parties agree as follows:-

  1. Description of  the business:-_______________________________
  2. Details of payment involved:-___________________________________ [ amount that is being decided to be shared among both the parties]

The contract will come under the jurisdiction of___________________ (name of the governing body)

Signature of the 1st party______________ Date_______________ (dd/mm/yy)

Signature of 2nd party ___________________Date______________ (dd/mm/yy)

Download Business Agreement Template In Word Format

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