Joint Venture Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

Agreement Number: __________

Date: ______________________ [mention registration number & date]

This joint venture agreement is produced and accepted by the following partners:

Contact details of organization:

Name: _________________ Location: _______________ Contact Number: ____________ hereinafter referred as a business organization.


Details of the Firm:

Name: _____________ Address: _______________ phone number: _______________ hereinafter called as a business firm. [Enter the details of both the parties]

The above mentioned parties are interested for the joint venture as they are sharing the same business field.

Type of the business: ______________ [write the business segment for starting the joint venture]

Hereby, both the parties will share ________% of business partnership. For which the losses and benefits will be shared together.

This agreement is starting from ___/___/____ and is ending on ___/___/____. [Give both the dates]

Approval of both the business entities:

Signed by the Business Organization: ___________

Singed by the Business Firm: ___________________ [accepted by both the parties]

Singed by the Lawyer: _________________________ [approval of the Solicitor]

Download Sample Joint Venture Agreement Template In Word Format

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