Employment Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

Employment agreement Number: __________

Date: ____/______/_____ [give the registration number and date]

The employment agreement is commenced between:

Employer details:

Name of the organization: ____________

Address: __________________________

Phone number: ____________________ hereinafter referred as the employer organization.

Employee details:

Name: ______________________

Permanent Address: ____________________

Contact number: ________________________ hereinafter called as the employee. [Mention the required details]

The agreement is starting on ___/____/___ and is terminating on ___/___/___ [give both the dates]

Term & conditions:

The employee will receive $ ___________ [amount in local currency] annual package from the employer organization for which the monthly amount of $_________ [monthly pay] will be paid on ____ [date] of every month.

The employee will provide the following services:


_______________ [give brief details of the services]

Accepted by the employee and employer organization:

Singed by the employer organization:


Singed by the Employee:


Download Employment Agreement Template In Word Format

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