Sales Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

Agreement Number: __________

Date: ____/____/____ [date of acceptance and legal agreement number]

This sales agreement is committed between:

Sales organization details:

Name: ______________________

Address: ___________________

Phone Number: _____________ hereinafter called as the seller organization.

Buyer organization details:

Name: __________________

Address: _______________

Contact number: ______________ hereinafter referred as the buyer organization. [Fill the details of both organizations]

Whereas, the buyer is interested to buy the following engineering products from the seller organization


_____________ [name of the products]

The seller organization will receive $_________ [money in the local currency] on every purchase as the buyer organization has already received $___________ as advance amount.

This sales agreement is commencing on ___/____/___ and is ending on___/____/____. [Give required dates]

Both the organizations will follow the given terms:



[Write all the premises to follow the agreement]

Validation of the sales agreement by both the organizations:

Signature of the Seller organization: ___________

Singed by the buyer organization: ____________ [approved by both the parties]

Download Sample Sales Agreement Template In Word Format

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