Partnership Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

Partnership agreement number: ___________

Date: ___/____/____ [put registration number & date]

The partnership agreement is produced and entered between:


Name (individual/ organization): ________________

Address: ____________________________________

Contact number: ___________________________ hereinafter referred as the Partner 1

Partner 2:

Name (individual/ organization): _____________

Address: ________________________________

Phone Number: __________________________ hereinafter known as the Partner 2

Together referred as “both the parties”

[Fill all details of both the partners]

The partnership agreement is commencing on ___/____/____ and is terminating on ___/___/___ [give both the dates]

Both the partners will share _____% of the partnership for sharing profit & losses.

Validation of the partnership agreement by the partner 1 and partner 2:

Signature of the Partner 1:


Signature of the Partner 2:

______________ [accepted by both the parties]

Signed by the Solicitor:


Address of the solicitor Firm:

____________ [details of the lawyer]

Download Partnership Agreement Template In Word Format

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