Sponsorship Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

Agreement Number: ___________________________ [Registration number of the sponsorship agreement]

Details of the Sponsor:

Name of the Sponsor: ___________________________

Occupation: __________________________

Agreed amount of funds to be given: ______________________________

Details of the company or individual receiving the sponsorship:

Name of the Company or Individual: ______________________________

Address of the Company: ______________________________________________________

Description of the Company or Individual: _______________________________________

The sponsorship agreement has been made and effective from __________________ [Date] between __________________________ [name of the Sponsor] whose head office is located at _______________________________________________________________ [Full address of the sponsor’s office] and _______________________ [Company or Individual receiving the sponsor] with head office at _________________________________ [Full address of the company].

______________________________                      ___________________________

Signature of Sponsor                                   Signature of the Recipient

Download Sponsorship Agreement Template In Word Format

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