Distributor Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

This agreement has been signed between _____________________ [name of distributor]

____________________ [address of the distributor] and_____________________ [name of company] ____________________ [address of the company] for distributing

___________________ (name of material to be distributed by distributor)

This agreement has been signed on __________________ [date when agreement is signed]

This agreement is valid from _________________ till __________________ [Starting and termination Date of the agreement]

Terms and conditions

  • The company must grant exclusive rights to the distributor to sell the brands of the company at the price decided by the company.
  • Prices do not comprise of transportation expenses as it will be borne by the distributor. Even central, local or state taxes related to the manufactured goods sold shall not be included under any situation.
  • This contract can be extended only if agreed upon by both the company officials and the distributor.

Acceptance by both parties

Signature of distributor_________________ date ______________

Signature of company representative ____________________ date _______________

Download Commercial Lease Agreement Template In Word Format

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