Furniture Bill of Sale Template

June 2, 2011

[Name of the Furniture Shop] __________________________________________________

[Address of the Furniture Shop] _________________________________________________

[Name of the Buyer] _________________________________________________________

[Address of the Buyer] ________________________________________________________

[Phone number of the Buyer] ___________________________________________________

[Date of Purchase] ___________________________________________________________

[Company of the Manufacturer of the Furniture] ____________________________________

[Model Number and Make of the Item] __________________________________________

[Type of Furniture] __________________________________

[Price of the Item] _________________________________________________________

Furniture items once bought cannot be exchanged or returned. If the furniture is damaged within the warranty period free service would be provided. We also provide upholstery and other furnishing materials at a 20% discount for our existing customers.

To avail free service, please call _______________________ [Phone Number].

After warranty period, a service contract can be entered in _______________________ [Phone Number].

Terms and conditions apply.

______________________________                      ___________________________

Signature of Buyer                                              Signature of the Sales Officer

Download Furniture Bill of Sale Template in Word Format

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