Laptop Bill of Sale Template

June 2, 2011

[Name of the Electronic Store Goods]


[Address of the Store]

[Name of the Buyer] __________________________________________________________

[Address of the Buyer] ________________________________________________________

[Phone Number] _____________________________________________________________

[Quantity] __________________________________________________________________

[Name of the manufacturer company of the laptop] _________________________________

[Make and model of the laptop] _________________________________________________

[Brief description of spec sheet of laptop] _________________________________________

[Price of the Laptop] __________________________________________________________

Terms and conditions apply.

Warranty period for the machine is of 3 years and of the battery is 5 years. In case of service required after the warranty period, please call ______________________ [Phone number]. For any other service call ___________________________ [Phone number].

For further information, please visit our website ____________________________________ [Website address].

______________________________                      ___________________________

Signature of the Sales Officer                                        Signature of the Customer

Download Laptop Bill of Sale Template in Word Format

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