Indesign Brochure Template

June 3, 2011

Front page:

Logo: ______________________

Name of the service provider: _____________________ [initial details of the company are mentioned here]

Image: ________________________________________ [an impressive image of the company is printed here]

Image gallery: _____________________ [this is printed at the first page internal folding]

Second in page:

Introduction: ________________________________ [an introduction is given to educate the readers about the criteria, history and mission]

How we work: ___________________________ [method of functioning is mentioned here.]

Products: _____________________________   [offered products are explained here]

End page internal folding:

Awards & achievements: _________________ [here, the accomplishment of the company are printed]

FAQ: ______________ [a few FAQs are printed to answer the basic level queries of the readers.]

End page:

Benefits: ______________________________ [a number of benefits of hiring this organization are printed at the end page]

Contact us: __________________________________ [the authorized address, phone number, a toll free number fax number, e-mail id and URL is given for the help of the customers]

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