Travel Brochure Template

June 3, 2011

Logo: ______________________

Name of the travelling firm: _____________________ [basic information of the travelling firm is printed]

Image gallery: ______________________________ [a beautiful image of one of the travelling destinations is printed]

Offered travelling packages: _________________________ [this is one of the most important sections of a brochure that includes the information of the travelling destinations, worth seeing tourist places and food & accommodation information.]

Cost: ____________________ [here, an interested person can estimates about the total cost of the desired package.]

Travel tips: __________________ [additional section to invite the potential travelers.]

Approach us:

Name of the concerned person: _______________

Registered Address: _____________________

Phone number: _________________________

Fax Number: __________________

E-mail id: ____________________

Website: _____________________

Download Travel Brochure Template in Word Format

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