Investigator Brochure Template

June 3, 2011

Logo: ____________________

Name of the investigator: __________________ [investigator association introduction is given here]

About us: ____________________________ [history and working criteria is written here]

Offered services: _______________________ [a brief introduction of the offered services is given here to educate the patients about the medical procedures to be conducted in terms of check up]

Symptoms & medical causes: ________________ [this is one of the most important sections to explain the associated disease and their symptoms]

Prevention & care: ___________________ [certain tips of prevention are given in order to spread the awareness]

Documentation: _____________________ [information on the required documentation is mentioned here to inform the patient]

Contact us: ______________________ [contact details such as a phone number, e-mail id and Website of the investigator is printed here to help the patients]

Download Indesign Brochure Template in Word Format

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