Email Party Invitation Template

June 17, 2011

An email party invitation template is used to create a party invitation that is sent via email. It is normally available online and one can download and customize it to whatever party event they are holding. It is cost effective and recipients can receive and respond to the invitation faster than the normal party invitation cards. The sender does not incur any printing or postage costs. Shown below is a sample email party invitation template.
Sample Email Party Invitation Template

Join us in celebrating ________________________________________

Location ________________________

Street ___________________________

Building, room/hall ________________



Dear __________________________

We gladly invite you to the __________________________ party in celebration of ___________________________ as a __________________________________.

The party will be held on _____ Date _________ starting _____ Time ________ to _____ time ___________ at the ________ location __________.

Sincerely ________________________


Name _______________________

Phone number ________________

Mobile number ________________

Email address __________________

Download Email Party Invitation Template in Word Format

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