Sales Email Template

June 17, 2011

A sales email template a format of the email which is sent to a person or prospective client for the purpose of sales. The sales email template should have details about the company and also the product you intend to sell.
Sample Sales Email Template

___________ [name of the recipient]

____________ [designation of the recipient]

___________ [name of the company]

Dear ______ [Mr. or Mrs. or Miss] ___________ [name of the recipient],

Our company ______________ [name of the company] specializes in the manufacture of ___________ [kind of product manufactured by the company]. We would like to provide your company business solutions with the product manufactured by our company.

It would be really great for both of our business if you agree to this deal. If want more information about our company you can visit our website __________ [name of the website] and also have a look at the feedback from our clients.

With regards,

_____________ [name of the sender]

_____________ [designation]

_____________ [business name]

Download Sales Email Template in Word Format

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