DVD Label Template

June 21, 2011

A DVD label template is a document which specifies the format in which the label of a DVD should be designed. These types of label consist of the information related to the DVD like its contents, legal rights, price and others. The DVD Label template can be designed for various different types of DVD like movie DVD, software DVD, Games DVD and many others.

Sample DVD Label Template

_______________ [design or logo of the DVD manufacturer]

__________________ [name of the company]          DVD Video

Rights of owner and manufacturer reserved. Unauthorized public performance, hiring, renting and copying of this DVD is strictly prohibited. This DVD is meant for private viewing only. Manufactured and for sale in __________________ [name of the country in which it is manufactured] only. Copyright protected work.

__________________ [product code]

__________________ [name of the company producing the film] presents

_______________      [name of the film]

_________________ [a one liner giving an idea about the film]

Directed by: ________________ [name of the director]

Produced by: _______________ [name of the producer]

Download DVD Label Template in Word Format

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