Product Label Template

June 21, 2011

A label is a piece of paper with information on a product. A product label helps us to give information about a certain production. This information usually includes the place and the brand under which the product was manufactured. It also gives us details like the ingredients and also the weight of the product. Other vital information on the label includes the price of the product and also the date of manufacture as well as the expiry date of the product.

Sample Product Label Template:

______________ [brand name under which the product is manufactured]

Since ________ [year in which the brand was established]

_____________________________ [name of the product]

Makes you feel refreshed after every bite and made from choicest ingredients from _____________ [the country from which the ingredient has been brought]


__________________________________  …. ____________________

[Name of ingredient]                                                [Quantity of the ingredient present]

Manufactured on: _______________ [manufactory date in dd/mm/yy format]

Best for ___________________ [number of months, after which the product expires] from the date of manufacture.

Download Product Label Template in Word Format


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