Green Tea Label Template

June 21, 2011

A Green tea label template represents the format in which the label on the green tea container is designed. It contains all the important information for the customer about the particular green tea.

Sample Green Tea Label Template

___________________________________ [name of the green tea]

Image ___________________________________ [logo of the company which has processed and packaged the tea]

Packaging date _____________________________ [the date on which the tea is packed]

Best before ______________________________ [mention the date after which the tea may become spoil]

Nutrition facts: [mention about all the nutritional components along with their proportion in 10 gm tea]

Ingredient                          Proportion [in %]

1. [Component 1]                  ________%

2. [Component 2]                  ________%

3. [Component 3]                  ________%

4. [Component 4]                  ________%

5. [Component 5]                  ________%

Net price ________________ [mention the price of the tea including all service taxes]

___________________________________ [mention the name of the company who has processed and manufactured the tea]

Address ___________________________________ [address of the company]

Contact details __________________ [email address and phone number]

Net weight __________________ [amount of the tea in kg]

Download Green Tea Label Template in Word Format

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