Toothpaste Label Template

June 21, 2011

A toothpaste label template is the layout of the label on the box and tube of toothpaste. The label is important for containing details of composition of the paste along with other necessary information.

Toothpaste Label Template

_________________________________ [Name of the toothpaste]

Manufacturing date _________________ [State the date on which the toothpaste was manufactured and packed for usage]

Best Before _____________________ [State the date before which the toothpaste should be used]

Direction for use _________________________ [mention the way and the process in which the toothpaste should be used]

Use __________ [number of times] daily


Ingredients                         Composition in %

1) [Ingredient 1]            _________________%

2) [Ingredient 2]            _________________%

3) [Ingredient 3]            _________________%

4) [Ingredient 4]            _________________%

Total price ____________________________ [State the price of the toothpaste incorporating the tax amount]

Company name____________________________ [State the name of the company which manufactures it]

Address of factory____________________ [State the full address of the manufacturing factory]

Contact number___________________ [State the number where a consumer can contact for feedback, complaints, queries and responses]


Download Toothpaste Label Template in Word Format

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