Milk Powder Label Template

June 21, 2011

A Milk powder label template represents the design or the format of the label which is placed on the milk powder container which contains all the necessary details about any specific milk powder.

Sample Milk Powder Label Template

_______________________________ [name of the milk powder]

Image _____________________________ [picture related with the product]

Manufacturing date _______________________ [mention the date on which the milk powder is being manufactured]

Best Before ________________________________ [mention the date after which the milk powder will become non edible]

Nutrition facts: [mention about all the nutritional components along with their proportion in 10 gm milk powder]

Ingredient                          Proportion [in %]

1. [Component 1]                  ________%

2. [Component 2]                  ________%

3. [Component 3]                  ________%

4. [Component 4]                  ________%

5. [Component 5]                  ________%

Directions: _____________________________________ [mention the making process step by step]

Ingredients: _________________________ [mention all the important ingredients that are being used]

Net price _______________________ [mention the total price including all service taxes]

____________________________ [name of the manufacturing company of the milk powder]

Address ________________ [address of the company]

Contact number ___________________________

Download Milk Powder Label Template in Word Format

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