Jar Label Template

June 21, 2011

A jar label template is the format in which the label stuck on any jar should be designed. The label should have all the information like the product contained in the jar and the details of the product like the manufacturing company and ingredients. In case it is an empty jar the details mentioned on the jar are the purpose of the jar or the kind of product that can be stored in the jar and also other information like manufactures of the jar.

Sample Jar Label Template

_________________________ [name of the company manufacturing the jar]

___________ [the material from which the jar is made]

Manufactured and distributed at:

________________ [name of the factory]

Address: _____________ [street address] _____________ [name of the city] __________ [name of the state] __________________ [postal code]

Phone number: ______________ [phone number of the factory]

In case you are not satisfied with the product you can mail your complaints to:

_________________ [email id of the manufacturing company]

Download Jar Label Template in Word Format




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