Mailing Label Template

June 21, 2011

A mailing template is an official format widely used for mailing products and information for some business purposes. A mailing template contains the information about the sender, receiver and a bar code assuring the authenticity of the sender.

Sample Mailing Label Template:

Logo of the sender company: _______________

Name of the sender company: ______________

Head office address: ______________________ [give the information of the sender organization]

Bar code sticker of the sender organization: __________________

Name of the sender person: ________________ [mention the name of responsible individual]

Designation: _____________________________ [sender individual’s designation]

Department Name: ______________________ [give the name of a particular department]

Address of the branch: __________________ [here give the branch address of the organization by which the product is mailed]

Contact Number: ______________________

Product information: ____________________

Patent number of the product: ___________ [give authenticated details of the product]

Name of the receiver: __________________

Address: _____________________________

Phone number: _______________________ [details of the receiver]

If not delivered, please return to the sender.

Download Mailing Label Template in Word Format

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