Shampoo Label Template

June 21, 2011

A shampoo label must provide minute details of the product including its chemical constituents as well as information regarding the manufacturing company. These templates must also contain the direction of use and other relevant information.

Sample Shampoo Label Template

____________________________________ [Provide the name of the shampoo]

Natural ingredients used: ____________________________________________________

[Name the special herbal ingredients that are a specialty of this particular brand of shampoo]

Constituents:                                                               Proportion [in %]

Constituent 1: ________________                        ______________________%

Constituent 2: ________________                         _____________________%

Constituent 3: ________________                         ______________________%

Best before: __________________________________________ [Mention the number of months from the date of manufacture within which the product must be ideally used]

Date of manufacture: ___________________________________ [Mention the date of manufacture of the shampoo]

Type of hair for which it is best suited: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention the kind of hair for which this shampoo is ideal]

Directions for use: _________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention the proper method of applying the shampoo for best results]

Name of manufacturing company: __________________________________________________

Address of factory: ______________________________________________________________

[Provide the relevant details]

Download Shampoo Label Template in Word Format



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