Conditioner Label Template

June 21, 2011

A conditioner label must outline the ingredients constituting the conditioner as well details of manufacture and hair type best suited to this particular brand of conditioner. Thus a conditioner label template must highlight these and other concerns that a consumer might have.

Sample Conditioner Label Template

___________________________________________________ [name of the product]

Date of manufacture: __________________________________

Date of expiry: _______________________________________ [mention the date of production and packaging and the date within which the product must be used, respectively]

Constituents: __________________________________________ [mention the ingredients used in the composition of the conditioner, in their correct proportion]

Hair type: _____________________________________________ [mention the kind of hair which will be benefitted by the use of this conditioner]

The lack of chemical elements: _____________________________ [mention how the lack of chemical content and the use of natural resources is a definitive feature of this particular conditioner]

Directions for use: _______________________________ [give the method of application]

Manufacturing company: ___________________________________

Factory address: __________________________________________ [mention the relevant details]

Download Conditioner Label Template in Word Format


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