Body Cream Label Template

June 21, 2011

A body cream label must clearly outline the directions for use, the components used and the date of manufacture and expiry in order to allay consumer doubts. Thus a body cream label template must keep these considerations in mind.

Sample Body Cream Label Template

______________________________ [name the product]

Date of manufacture: ____________________________________

Best before: ___________________________________________ [mention the date of production and packaging and the date before which it should be ideally used]

Components:                                           Proportion in %

Component 1: _______________________________%

Component 2: _______________________________%

Component 3: _______________________________%

Direction for use: _________________________________________ [mention the procedure of application to ensure best results]

Skin type: _______________________________________________ [mention the kind of skin this body cream is best suited for]

Not for sale: ______________________________________________ [mention any countries or states where the sale of this cream is prohibited by law]

Contact in case of complaints: __________________________________________ [mention a number or postal address where consumers can direct their complaints or queries]


Download Body Cream Label Template in Word Format

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