Christmas Letter Template

June 22, 2011

A Christmas letter template is the format in which an individual writes a Christmas letter in order to renew his ties with his friends and family. This is an occasional letter and the words written in the letter need to bring out the joy of the festival. The letter can be an official as well as a personal one.

Sample Christmas Letter Template

Dear __________ [mention the name of the recipient]

It gives me immense pleasure and joy to wish you a very Merry Christmas and I wish that you have a wonderful time with your family on this festive day.

I appreciate all the hard work done by you throughout the year as your contribution has brought positive change in the company. But, it is now time to forget about work for a day and relax and enjoy with your friends and family members. May you have the best time of the year.  [Main body of the letter]


____________________ [name of the sender]

Download Christmas Letter Template in Word Format

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