Invitation Letter Template

June 22, 2011

An invitation letter template is the format which lays down the design in which an invitation letter should be drafted. These types of invitation letter templates can be professional as well as personal and can be used for wide variety of purposes. The letter should mention details like the reason or purpose of the invitation and its date and venue.

Sample Invitation Letter Template

Dear ______________ [name of the recipient],

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the marriage of my elder son _____________ [name of the son]. I would like to invite you for the wedding which will be taking place on _____________ [date of wedding] at ____________________ [name of the venue]. The wedding will be followed by a lunch party at the same venue. [The first Para should mention the reason for invitation and the date]

The venue address is ____________ street address] ______________ [city name] _______________ [state] _________ [postal code]. [The second Para should mention the details of the venue]

My son is getting married to _____________________ [name of the bride]. I request your presence on that day and bless my son for a happy married life. [The last Para gives further information regarding the reason of invitation and requests the recipient for their presence]

Thanking you,

_______________ [name of the sender]

Download Invitation Letter Template in Word Format

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