Quality Management Manual Template

June 22, 2011

A quality management manual template involves the creation of a layout for the accurate and impressive designing of a quality management manual template. A quality management manual is a document, which outlines how to improve the quality of a company’s processes and products while decreasing costs in a productive manner.

Sample Quality Management Manual Template:

Name: __________________________________________ [Name of company]

Year of establishment: _________________________________________ [Mention the year of establishment of the company]

Areas where quality can be improved: _______________________________ [Mention, in the manual, the areas of the company where an improvement in quality can be made, like distribution systems, purchasing and import product quality control etc.]

Purpose of the quality management manual: ____________________________________

[Provide a brief explanation as to why the manual is important in maintain the product quality of the company]

New policies that we have implemented for overall quality management: ________________________________________________

[Mention the adoption of new policies by the company for improving and maintaining the overall standards of quality of products]

Download Quality Management Manual Template in Word Format

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