Quality Policy Manual Template

June 22, 2011

A quality policy manual template is used to design a proper quality policy manual. A quality policy manual is created by an organization in alliance with quality controllers to develop and consolidate the quality policies of the company over a long term viewpoint. The manual must be clear and concise and its objectives must be firmly enunciated.

Sample Quality Policy Manual Template:

Name: ____________________________________ [Name of company]

Year of establishment: ________________________________________ [Mention the relevant year]

Purpose in developing the quality policy manual: ____________________________________________________

[Mention the rationale and benefits that governed the creation of the quality policy manual]

The importance of section 5.3 of ISO 9000: _______________________________________________________________________

[Enumerate the stringent norms of ISO 9000 that the company follows and the relevance of quality policy in today’s day and age]

Quality policy manual developed by: _______________________________________ [Mention the name(s) of those who created and conceptualized the quality policy manual]

Contact number: ____________________________________ [Provide a valid contact number]

Download Quality Policy Manual Template in Word Format




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