Employee Training Manual Template

June 23, 2011

An Employee training manual is provided to the new employees or the employees undergoing training under specific field. The employee training manual template outlines these contents and helps the company to construct an effective manual through which employees would be benefitted.

Sample Employee Training Manual Template

Name of the company____________________________

Contact details ______________________________

Type of training: on job training ___________________ new hire training_____________

Index [index must contain the name of the each topic so that the user can sfind it easier to trace out the particular one he is searching for]

  • _______________ [ topic 1]                 ______ [ Topic 1 continues from page __ to ____]
  • ________________[topic 2]                ______ [ Topic 2 continues from page __ to ____]

[The following sections should contain the detail about these above mentioned topics in each of them]

Name of the topic 1 ____________________

Detailed knowledge ________________

Name of the topic 2 ____________________

Detailed knowledge________________

Download Employee Training Manual Template in Word Format

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