Employee Safety Manual Template

June 23, 2011

Employee safety manuals are important to any business whether it is a multinational company or small scale. This employee safety manual template outlines the safety policy of an employee from the entire company policy. This kind of manuals aware the employees about the lawsuits, rules and regulation that is to be maintained while working in a company.

Sample Employee Safety Manual Template

Name of the company ___________________________________

Our motto ____________________

Index: [this section should content the name of the individual topic along with its page number]

  • Machinery safety for employee                                     Page number __ to __
  • Protective measures to be taken while working             Page number __ to____
  • Safety for working in extreme temperatures                  Page number ___ to ___
  • Safety against legal issues                                              Page number ___ to ___

Detailed overview of each topic:

Machinery safety for employee

Details ______________________

Protective measures to be taken while working

Details _______________________

Safety for working in extreme temperatures

Details ______________________

Safety against legal issues

Details ______________________


Download Employee Safety Manual Template in Word Format

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