Policy Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A policy manual is considered one of the crucial tools in business, non-profit or government organizations. It outlines what is the company’s expectation from the employees and the rules, which they should abide by. Therefore, a policy manual template should be designed effectively containing important points that would help both employees and the company.

Sample Policy Manual Template

Name of the company ____________________________

Our motto _____________________________________

Index _____________________________ [list of the topics]

Introduction of the policies ______________________________________ [detail overview about all the policies]

Terms and conditions for implementing the policies _______________________

Policies related to work environment ________________________ [policies that the staffs need to follow for sustaining a quality work environment]

Polices related to appointment, promotion, transfer, leave, retirement, termination and renewal are described with details in the sections ahead:

Promotion policies ______________

Details _______________

Transfer policies _________________

Details ___________________

Leave policies __________________

Details __________________

Retirement policies ____________

Details _______________

Termination and renewal policies ________________

Details __________________

Download Policy Manual Template in Word Format

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